Adult Superstore Sales Soar Following “Got Porn?” Campaign

The Adult Superstore has been in Las Vegas for over 23 years, and owns six locations locally.  The premier adult playground hired Hotbox Unlimited to keep business booming.

Our campaign goal was to create awareness among adults ages 18-34, branding Adult Superstore as a sexy and fun store for men, women and couples.

TARGET MARKETS: Adults 18-35 including the College Market (UNLV Fraternity Parties), Gay/Lesbian Market (KRAVE Nightclub) and the Heterosexual Meat Market (Beach Nightclub).

STRATEGY:  25 Sexy Brand Ambassadors, 3 Hot Locations & 1 Hummerzine

Check out the highlights of Adult Superstore’s first “Got Porn?” promotion.  This event created a huge buzz around town and was highly successful in increasing awareness of Adult Superstore among the target markets.  The following day, an increase in store traffic and sales told the true story of the campaign’s success. Adult Superstores continues to build their brand to this day by staging ongoing promotional events in Las Vegas’ hottest nightclubs.  The store’s brand position — with couples, women and men in mind — has been instrumental in successfully building an adult retailer with an accepted mainstream brand.

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