Hotbox Models at 2013 Magic


afterparty Las Vegas conventions

Largest Clothing Convention Worldwide
Largest Clothing Convention Worldwide
Lingerie Models Las Vegas
Lingerie Models Las Vegas

hotbox unlimited fashion models at magic
Las Vegas Sales Associates
Las Vegas Sales Associates
Top Models in Las Vegas
Top Models in Las
Las vegas Trade Show Models
Las vegas Trade Show Models

Hotbox Unlimited Provides Twin Trade show Models


Our Two Favorite Blonds, Heather & Kelly, Working Grace Jeans Booth

















Hotbox Model Hannah at Steven Land Booth
Hotbox Model Jessica at Magic


Hotbox Models Rockin’ it at Kitten Pink Booth
The Hard Work of Marilyn, Alyssa & Yuli = Big Sales for VEOND
Hotbox Sales Models Working SugarLips Booth
The V Twins Rockin’ Magic
Hotbox Model Christa Being Amazing at Project Show
Hotbox Model Jessica at MRket Show

Las Vegas Trade show Models can drive booth traffic, write orders, increase sales and an exhibitors ROI. Check out Vegas Models

Las Vegas Brand Ambassadors
Are you looking for brand ambassadors to staff your next event, promotion, or campaign? HOTBOX specializes in providing consumer-focused companies with promotional talent to represent their brands nationwide. Whether you need 50 or 5000 brand ambassadors in 5 or 50 markets, we can provide you with a turn-key promotional staffing solution. We can also match up our brand ambassadors with your specific target demographics, ensuring peer-to-peer communication. We have an amazing variety of promotional staffers, allowing you to choose who provides the public face for your brand, rather than leaving it in the hands of anonymous strangers.

Las Vegas Host/Hostess
A host or hostess will greet your clients, distribute your company¹s literature, serve food or beverages and act as a receptionist during a trade show or convention.

Hospitality Suite Hostess
In addition to creating a powerfull first impression, a hostess will greet your clients and make them feel welcome in your hospitality suite or business meeting.

Product Demonstrator
Product demonstrator will assist you in selling your products by performing live demonstrations at your exhibit. These demonstrators are top-notch quality, each possessing a respective resume with fortune 500 companies.

Las Vegas Convention Sales Assistant
A sales assistant will become informed about your company and it¹s products so that he or she can answer any questions and assist you in making sales.

Las Vegas Convention Narrator
A narrator is a professional public speaker who is experienced in giving product presentations on stage before an audience. Narrators are able to work from a memorized script, use teleprompters, and audio prompters as well as ad-lib.

Las Vegas Alternative Advertising
HOTBOX Alternative Advertising Services
Message delivery methods using non-standard media, alternative advertising such as wild postings allows companies to engage in strategies that differ from typical media buys in both budgetary requirements as well as creative requirements. Alternative advertising breaks through traditional advertising noise by utilizing different media outlets. These outlets may include the placement of ads on pizza boxes and coffee sleeves, wall murals, street stickers and stencils, etc. Alternative outdoor advertising can also include the use of wild postings, including poster advertising on construction walls, telephone poles, etc.

Las Vegas Buzz Marketing
HOTBOX Buzz Marketing Services
Buzz marketing (also known as word of mouth marketing) is based on consumers direct experience with specific brands or the experience others have related to them about these brands. In today’s extremely noisy advertising environment, people are subject to constant information overload. Consequently, consumers rely on friends and peers for brand recommendations. Buzz marketing is simply the process of sharing information that helps others in the decision-making process. Buzz marketing methods start with a satisfied customer. While enrolling new consumers, a successful buzz marketing strategy bases itself on the impact these consumers could have on the next potential customer. Providing a positive customer experience establishes trust. This trust is rewarded with consumers acting as buzz marketing agents, literally working for brands free of charge.

UNLV College Marketing
HOTBOX College Marketing Services
Are you searching for the best in college marketing companies to introduce or reinforce your brand’s image to a huge, young consumer base with significant disposable income? If so, HOTBOX can help. Our college marketing programs provide a perfect vehicle to enroll this extremely powerful demographic as your long-term, brand-loyal customers. We have had several successful campaigns at UNLV and UCLA. Successful college marketing campaigns use integrated marketing and promotions that reach students in an effective, targeted manner. These efforts must be backed by representatives who have an in-depth knowledge of the student mindset and who know the times and places where students will be receptive to marketing messages. HOTBOX has extensive experience with marketing to college students and we know exactly when, where, and how to reach them. We also adhere to college marketing guidelines, making sure we’re welcome back on campus for each of our client’s campaigns.

Las Vegas Experiential Marketing
HOTBOX Experiential Marketing Services
Providing consumers with brand experiences, experiential marketing creates these experiences to drive awareness and sales. Going far beyond traditional media, experiential marketing creates increased return on marketing investment through increased impact with the consumer. Consumers are targeted through their senses, feelings, thought process, actions and things they relate to. We use experiential marketing to enroll consumers. Our services move past traditional marketing activities and reach out to consumers where they live. Step out of the box and into the HOTBOX, developing experiential marketing programs focused on total lifestyle experiences.

Las Vegas Field Marketing
Field Marketing Services
Successful field marketing requires a comprehensive range of solutions that can include strategic and tactical marketing, recruitment and training, in-store demonstrations, merchandising and indirect sales support, logistics management, auditing, warehouse and distribution, and data management, analysis, and presentation. We bring to the table extensive experience in field marketing. Our services include an array of communication and campaign management tools, as well as cutting edge technology combined with outstanding customer service. Once we establish an overall strategy, we work with you to customize your campaign to meet your unique objectives.

Flyer Distribution (Las Vegas Conventions)
Las Vegas Flyer Distribution Services
Flyer distribution is an inexpensive method of quickly reaching a large group of potential customers. Flyer distribution service can be an important part of the marketing mix, providing a powerful way to get your message out at such conventions with a beautiful face.

Guerilla Marketing
HOTBOX Guerilla Marketing Services
Our guerilla marketing services utilize innovative techniques to create awareness and drive sales. Characterized by the conceptualization and implementation of creative marketing strategies, our guerrilla marketing tactics achieve conventional goals while using unconventional methods. We engage in numerous guerilla marketing activities designed to generate maximum results while using minimal resources. As unconventional marketing experts, we help consumer focused companies reach new customers while providing a high return on investment.

Las Vegas Product Marketing
New Product Marketing Services
New product marketing consists of determining the needs and wants of potential customers, developing products and services to meet those needs and wants, and implementing correct brand marketing strategies to create awareness and drive sales.

We conduct new product marketing activities designed to break through the noise and attract target markets attention. We also pay close attention to market feedback, quickly adjusting strategies to maximize our clients return on marketing investment.

Las Vegas Product Sampling
HOTBOX Product Sampling Services
Our product sampling services encourages the trial and purchase of your products and are one of the most effective methods to get your product into the hands of consumers. Product sampling can reach an extremely large audience, or can be extremely targeted, depending on your goals.

We specialize in reaching consumers with product sampling campaigns nationwide. No job is too big. Whether it’s passing out 20,000 lbs. of popcorn on the Vegas Strip in one day, or passing out a million packages of mints in New York City in a week, we can handle any of your product sampling needs.

Las Vegas Trade Show and Promotional Models
The Best in Convention, Promo, and Tradeshow Models
For the best in promotional, convention and tradeshow spokesmodels, HOTBOX is second to none. Check out for recent events and comments from models and current clients alike. You will find experienced promotional models and brand ambassadors for trade shows, conventions, and any other event marketing needs.

HOTBOX spokes-models will represent your brand in dynamic fashion and generate interest in your products or services. We guarantee the quality of our representatives, making sure all trade show and promo models are attractive, personable and dedicated to the success of your promotion.

Las Vegas Stealth Marketing Services
Stealth marketing (also known as undercover marketing) is an unconventional strategy used to attract consumers, using “under the radar” promotional tactics that essentially go unnoticed by your non-target audience, as well as your competition.

Undercover marketing tactics can be varied. Some examples include the hiring of models to be seen drinking a particular new beverage at a bar, or using “tourists” to ask someone to take their picture, and then explaining the benefits of the new camera they are using. HOTBOX can conduct almost any stealth marketing activity; the possibilities are only limited by imagination. Street Teams Nationwide

Las Vegas Street Teams (Specializing on the Vegas Strip and College Campus)
In today’s youth-oriented world, street teams are the secret weapons in the battle against staid, conventional advertising campaigns. Street team marketing first came about as a way for fans to promote their favorite artists, especially ones who didn’t have big labels behind them. Now, consumer focused companies have begun to realize that street teams are one of the most effective forms of marketing available.

We were the first agency to offer street team marketing and we currently have tens of thousands of members of our street teams available across the U.S. Street marketing is the backbone of what we do and we require our people to be totally committed to our clients’ success. As HOTBOX name implies, our street team members take the point, leading street team marketing activities from the front.

Youth Marketing
Las Vegas Youth Marketing Services Youth marketing reaches tweens, teens, and young adults. These young people populate the markets of the future, while having a tremendous amount of discretionary spending power today. They also have a huge influence on their parents’ purchases. Almost all consumer brands being launched (as well as existing brands) need to engage in youth marketing campaigns if they want to create brand loyalty and long-term success for this giant demographic.

We have a wealth of experience in planning and implementing youth marketing campaigns. We recognize that today’s youth have very strong opinions about things affecting their lives and want to be heard. We also realize they are very cognizant of overt marketing efforts, and often require a more subtle marketing approach.

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