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Hotbox Moves Sales for Big Box Portable Moving & Storage

Hotbox Unlimited helps boost sales for Big Box Moving & Storage each Spring by overseeing their in-person collage campus campaigns, which offers storage solutions to UNLV students moving out of the dorms during summer break. Additionally, in 2007, Hotbox helped Big Box reach out to the masses to create brand awareness and boost sales by creating a very clever and highly effective television campaign.

Big Box Portable Moving & Storage
Big Box Portable Moving & Storage -- So Easy!

Hotbox’s sister company, Planitmedia, produced the campaigns’ television commercials, as well as managed media buys for the moving and storage company. Click on the links below to check out the TV spots aired for this campaign:

Big Box TV Spot: The Big Move

Big Box TV Spot:  Mother-in-Law

 Big Box TV Spot: Clutter Cutting Clyde